“We at Younus Power Services intend to provide our customers with the best diesel generator experience from engine to alternator to controller to full genset, with full instructions, know-how, advises and engineering experience as well as fast and quality delivery. We look forward to maintain a leadership position in the markets we serve.”


“Exceeding customer expectations by supplying the most respected and reliable product”


Younus Power Services was established in United Arab Emirates in year 2000 serving the region with the best suitable power solutions known by our customers through consistent delivery of high quality diesel power generators and services.
We are committed to obtaining full customer satisfaction despite the requirement. Our main business is assembling, selling and servicing diesel generators, as well as selling transfer switches, synchronization units and other related products.
We have attained an enviable position in the industry through our excellent quality products and services; we have been one of the most recognized customer driven diesel generator suppliers in the region.
Our supreme reputation for delivering valuable generator solutions and superior customer service has been built by our loyal customers
Younus Power Services is selling all brand new equipment and parts mainly manufactured in U.K and O.E.M of famous branded Engines such as: Perkins (UK), Cummins(UK) and synchronous alternator brands such as: Stamford (UK), Leroy Sommer (France) and Linz (Italy)
We have a total sales volume of over 25,000 kilowatts of generators sold locally and internationally. Our product development has made its way to many industries including hospitals, telecom industry, military, oil and gas industry, hospitality industry, residential industry and many others.
We have experience with a wide variety of project sizes and types, serving a multitude of industries and market segments.


Health and safety within Younus Power services is under the control of Managing Director, who takes great interest and responsibility for the health and safety within the company.

We give high priority to the health and safety of all employees and non-company personnel while on the company premises. The appropriate legislation will be regarded as a minimum acceptable standard.

Our objectives are:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment including safe systems of work for all employees and non-company personnel while on the company premises.
  • Effectively manage and monitor the safety policy of the company.
  • Increase all employees’ awareness of their responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and the other personnel.

Safety is a matter of individual responsibility. Every member of Younus Power Services staff should take this responsibility on himself, be alert of possible unsafe situations or actions and ensure directly or through others that they are eliminated.


It is the policy of Younus Power Services to achieve its goals of continual improvement and to provide goods and services that meet and exceed the customer’s needs and expectations, which will realize complete customer satisfaction. A commitment to produce and supply quality products.
To achieve this prime objective it is the policy of the company and the management’s commitment to qualify to established and maintain an effective and efficient quality management system that sets a structure for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. It is the intention of the company that all employees shall actively participate in the development, evaluation and maintenance of the quality management system. The company will provide all the necessary resources to its employees to fulfill these requirements.
Top management shall review and measure its quality system and objectives for continuing suitability and in regard to the prevailing business environment and risk. Furthermore top management emphasizes Quality and Safety as an attitude and provides policy and procedure to implement it.
Staff from different levels of Younus Power Services from top management to selected members of production staff comprises a follow up team to monitor success and failures and meet regularly to address failures and recommend corrective measures.